(Manufacturing) Leveraging state-of-the-art data engineering technologies to streamline customer flows in the woodworking sector

As part of a long-term collaboration with one of the world’s leading providers of integrated solutions for production in the woodworking industry and woodworking shops, our team is building modular, hybrid applications, that cover web, iOS, and Android systems, offering a modern and effective user experience.

Tailored for specific use cases, our client’s solutions enable end-users to reduce waste and improve the precision of their woodworking workflow, while supporting our client in increasing their market share considerably.

Engineering proficiency and effective collaboration

From outlining objectives, ideation, analysis, conceptualisation and requirement lifecycle management, to data services, web and mobile development, we work as a single, outcomes-driven team.
We take the time to know our clients and we’ve visited not just their factories but the businesses of some of their clients, in order to get an accurate overview of the challenges they’re facing and how we can support them.
Team members are familiar with requirements early on and are encouraged to ask questions and shape the backlog items in a way in which they provide real value. We trust our people to act as consultants and drive continuous improvements which, along with consistently high-quality in delivery has, in turn earned us the trust of our partner, who has given our team full ownership of key areas in the project.

Enabling our client’s business to evolve & their end-users to succeed

Proactive both in collecting feedback and providing our client with actionable insights, we are responding to the current expectations and needs of their customers, ensuring that solutions evolve at the same pace as the industry.
Through ongoing feature development and by improving existing systems, we’re enabling our client to offer a wide range of user-friendly options for master carpenters so they can choose the tools and systems that consistently reduce waste and improve the precision of their work.

Fast facts

  • Agile team of 16 professionals
  • Full Stack Development
  • Long-term partnership
  • Project governance & ownership in key areas

Key Technologies: Databricks | .NET Core | .NET Framework | Angular 9 | Ionic 5 | Azure Devops | Microsoft Azure Cloud | Cosmos DB |

What the team has to say:

Radu Vingan, Service Delivery Manager
This year, we released a complex application that’s been in development for over a year and we had an opportunity to have a huge impact covering capabilities like backend and frontend, tech leadership, business analysis, Q&A and project management. It’s been a great journey so far and we’re even happier to see that the end result improves the end user’s day-to-day job.

We’re focusing on outcomes much more than output and we always strive to get better. We use cutting edge frameworks such as Databricks and consistently work to improve our engineering proficiency. That, along with a shared mindset with our partner has meant we’re able to have a real, measurable impact not just in our partner’s business but that of their own clients.