(Insurance) Enhancing our client’s business by automating a complex process into a user-friendly web app used for insurance claims management

Aiming to increase their business efficiency, our client, a global billion-dollar insurance company, entrusted us with the mission to design and implement a technical solution to replace their complex and cost-ineffective claims management process.

Using a licensed diagramming and vector graphics application, the client lacked agility in incorporating all types of claims scenarios, experienced high costs, and faced difficulties managing the app, as operators with no previous technical background could not handle it effectively. By providing our client with a custom-made, intuitive, and user-friendly web application, we supported their digital evolution journey, helping them react with greater speed to customers’ requirements and meet their expectations for high-quality services.

Engineering proficiency and effective collaboration

Striving to understand and respond to our client’s challenges, our small but experienced team of 4 consultants was able to build the technical solution, from scratch, in less than one year. Their main task was to translate complicated diagrams of claims scenarios and workflows into an intuitive and user-friendly web application used by insurance operators, which could easily communicate with a second application that allows customers to fill in claims.

Together with the client’s team, we defined flexible ways of working and collaborated to set realistic expectations while adapting to unpredictable changes that arose during the implementation. With an ability to quickly implement solutions, from the initial phase of the project, and by embracing a flexible collaboration model, our client entrusted us with full ownership of the technical solution.

Working closely with the client’s Product Owner, our software architect built a robust web application structure. At the same time, our front-end developer and technical lead developed an effective solution to configure all the user stories and enable the app’s compatibility within the applications ecosystem. By exporting a JSON file, the web application communicates with the second application, and once the file is uploaded, it generates a dynamic digital form responsive to users’ choices.

Enabling our client’s business to evolve & their end-users to succeed

The web application is already in production, helping insurance operators, with or without a technical background, to configure the process quickly and efficiently by including all potential edge case scenarios. Given our vast expertise in the area, we provided valuable feedback around their UI/UX, working with their expert, who designed the app based on our suggestions, increasing usability for the end-user.

Moreover, the web application was built on an easy-to-understand software development structure, allowing the client to use their in-house resources for technical maintenance. By doing this, we enabled our client to provide an effective, frictionless experience for their end-users, which ultimately drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Fast facts

  • Consultancy-led approach
  • Flexibility in approaches and solutions
  • Full ownership of the technical solution
  • Custom software development

Key Technologies: Angular | Azure DevOps | Node.js

What the team has to say:

Cristina Gruescu, Senior Service Delivery Manager
Even though we were a newly formed team, we joined forces and effectively understood our client’s needs and priorities, providing them with the best technical approach. We’re also happy to have gained our client’s trust by setting up clear ways of working and by defining the expected outcomes together. Working closely with the client’s Product Owner, we prepared the user stories, making sure that everybody was on the same page, knew all the details and understood what to stay focused on. And we’ve done all this while having fun and enjoying the experience of working in a multicultural environment.