Taking the hybrid model several steps forward to design a more adaptable workspace

By expanding our Equilibrium programme to include work-from-abroad options, organising in-person events to enable remote teams to connect more often, and partnering with venues to create unconventional spaces for colleagues to get together, we’re enabling our people to tailor their experience and ensure they thrive.

In Accesa, we strive to nurture an environment in which people can tailor their professional journeys in a way that enables them to grow, care for their wellbeing, and have a real impact through their work. In 2016, with the launch of Equilibrium – our holistic benefits programme – Accesa was one of the first companies in Cluj to introduce a work from home option, enabling more flexibility for our teams and colleagues.

In 2021, we enhanced the benefits in each of the four pillars of the programme – social, physical, emotional wellbeing and work-life fusion – and fully embraced a hybrid working model. Our people can choose to work from the office, their homes or a combination of the two.

This year, we took this flexibility even further, redesigning part of our Cluj-Napoca office to better align to how we work. With a higher number of hot seats which can be booked through Access-A-Seat – a tool we developed to allow our colleagues to see the available in-office seats in real time and reserve them very easily – and areas tailored to host events, workshops, and presentations; we’re creating spaces better suited to our community’s needs.

Responding to the more varied ways in which people come together, we’re also launching a new, Accesa Coffee Shop concept and have also introduced a work-from-abroad option to our existing remote, hybrid, and in-office ones.

Andrea Marlière, CEO at Accesa

“In Accesa, we value people as individuals and recognise that there’s no universal approach when it comes to the workplace. Over the years, we’ve supported our people in driving their own learning journeys, career development, as well as tailor the benefits that best support their wellbeing.

We’re taking this next step in designing a workspace that adapts to enable our people to do their best work, to how they can create a better work-life fusion, and how they connect with the strong tech teams they’re part of.

We support colleagues interested in working from EU countries and also consider requests from those planning on working from non-EU ones. At the same time, we’re adapting our own office spaces and creating more opportunities for people to connect in person, outside the office, partnering with venues to create unconventional spaces for meetings, interviews, and team get-togethers; for all our creative problem-solvers.”

Launched as a pilot project this autumn, Accesa Coffee Shop is a collaboration with two central venues in Cluj-Napoca, where we’re headquartered. Employees can enjoy a 100% discount on coffee and non-alcoholic beverages at the Urania and Mitzu cafés and a 10% discount on food at Stradale and Bruto; providing teams with new opportunities to get together and increasing the number of ways in which our people can connect.

Aiming to support a healthy work-life balance, this set of benefits within the Equilibrium programme is only available during Accesa’s working hours, encouraging people to meet for 1:1s, catch-ups, brainstorming sessions, and discussions only within their regular working schedules.

Our flexible approach to the workplace, enables our people to tailor their professional experience to ensure they thrive, leading to increasingly creative outcomes in our work, and has already increased Accesa’s national footprint this year, with teams and team members based in Bucharest, Sibiu, Brasov, Timisoara, in addition to offices in Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, and Munich.

In 2023, we plan on expanding an internal events concept we successfully piloted this year into a series that will create opportunities for our colleagues in locations across the country to connect in person and discuss technical and business topics, as well as get a chance to meet the broader community.