Thriving on genuine connections – Radu’s story on leading with empathy and trust in an ever-changing SAP industry

This year, I celebrated my 8th anniversary in Accesa and my second year as a Technical Team Lead for a complex SAP project. Being part of a talented, positive and results-oriented team motivates me and confirms that I made the right decision for my career. Every day I give my best and try to get involved and be engaged in all the activities, keeping my team connected and challenging them to build new skills and experience.

I started as an SAP Consultant, and as technology evolved, I grew too, showing an active interest in improving my skills and staying up to date with the industry’s latest standards. A few years ago, I was entrusted to lead a team of SAP consultants and improve the business of a top company operating in the lighting and semiconductor industry. Working on a complex project required a high level of technical proficiency and a strong partnership between our team members.

Throughout my career, I learned that meeting tight deadlines and providing quality services is a team exercise and can only happen if we build trust and share a positive attitude. That’s how I’m leading my team, showing transparency, and encouraging my colleagues to cultivate genuine connections, to look for and provide help to each other. With each task delivered, we advance our technical competencies and become more connected to one another. Working online positively impacted our global team, allowing us to easily organise ourselves in smaller teams and ensuring better communication among our colleagues.

Sometimes, I feel like a conductor, orchestrating activities between application teams, developers, and third parties, making sure that the projects do not overlap with other critical activities and are completed within the agreed time. It’s all about setting the tempo but mostly about empowering each colleague to give their best, pushing them beyond their self-imposed limits, and guiding them to learn from their mistakes.

By doing this, together with my colleagues, we ensure a high-performance environment and deliver high-performance systems for our client’s business, despite industry challenges, ranging from cost savings and the implementation of new technologies, to security improvements. Thinking ahead and always looking for the best technical solution has helped us in building a solid relationship with our client; one that is based on trust and mutual respect. I’ve enjoyed every day so far, even if some days were more challenging.