Continuous Learning

We look at learning as a lifelong journey and a shared responsibility between our people and our organisation. That’s why we focus on long-term learning programmes that develop both technical and non-technical skills, incrementally, year after year, ensuring not just theoretical skills development but also that we provide a space for people to apply those skills and continue to develop them on a daily basis.

Zamfira Stan, Training & Organisational Development Coordinator
Much like career development, we believe that professional development is most effective when it’s self-driven. By trusting people to choose the areas they want to grow and set clear objectives, we see a stronger commitment from our learners. We’ve also seen that the knowledge gained is translated into our business-as-usual much more effectively, leading to better results, faster.

From language classes, workshops and training studios, to complex team development, leadership and organizational development programmes, we design, deliver, and facilitate a holistic learning journey that supports the goals of individuals, teams, and overall organisation, equally.

Igniting Leadership

In Accesa, we’ve seen that the strongest leadership skills are developed through hard work and a strong commitment to ourselves and each other.

Now in its 6th year, Igniting Leadership is a large scale organizational programme that helps current and future leaders rise to the challenge of being effective leaders every single day. With over 120 graduates, it’s centred around building the skills and approaches that create an environment of psychological safety for our teams, in which our people can thrive.

Train the Trainer

While we work with a number of subject matter experts in different areas, our internal surveys show that almost half of our colleagues prefer workshops facilitated by their peers, which contributes to an improvement of both technical and collaboration skills.

Through an internal network of trainers and an ongoing training programme dedicated to developing knowledge-transfer skills, our colleagues can join the workshops of a particular trainer, work 1:1 with them or become one.

IT Consultants Academy

Bringing together engineering proficiency, industry expertise, and a clear understanding of our client’s business, IT Consultants Academy bridges the gap between strong technical skills and the consultancy-driven approach that enables us to build long-term, rewarding partnerships with our clients.

Over the past 4 years, the programme has consistently helped develop the communication & knowledge transfer skills required for our colleagues to proactively translate their technical expertise into a business-focused context.

Technical Trainings

By aligning the way we develop our engineering proficiency with the opportunities to harness them within commercial projects, we create an environment in which each theoretical insight has a practical application.

This enables us to ensure growth, performance, and consistent, measurable impact across every solution.

From technical certifications, internal trainings facilitated by our subject matter experts, as well as community-driven workshops on technical topics and hands-on training with external trainers, we provide a wide range of learning opportunities through which our engineers can continuously improve their engineering proficiency.

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