Aiming to create a wholesome experience inside and outside the office, in 2016 we launched equilibrium, a holistic benefits programme inspired by maslow’s hierarchy of needs, that covers the four pillars that we believe come together to support our wellbeing. each year, our equilibrium programme continues to evolve based on our colleagues’ needs, interests and suggestions.

Social Wellbeing

As a growing community in a hybrid environment, we want to make sure we remain connected not just by the great work we do every day but through our passions and interests, as well.

Through annual parties, tech conferences, hackathons, bootcamps, treasure hunts, and monthly community days, we come together to celebrate and nurture the things we have in common. Our office design in Cluj-Napoca encourages social interactions and networking by hosting events, technical and non-technical workshops, and presentations.

At our Accesa Coffee Shop – a collaboration with two central venues in Cluj-Napoca – we can enjoy informal conversations over a free cup of coffee or non-alcoholic beverage in an unconventional and creative set up.

With plenty of spaces to connect and build genuine connections with our teams, we can stay focused on doing work that matters and having a meaningful contribution to the IT community.

Physical Wellbeing

Helping us live a healthier lifestyle, the physical wellbeing pillar includes a private medical package, eyeglasses reimbursement, gym memberships, as well as the expertise and continuous support of an in-house personal trainer. Our annual sports agenda includes an average of 250 daily sports classes, hiking trips and dozens of local sports competitions or charity races.

Through regular sports sessions, personalised sports programmes, nutrition counselling, and tailored training for different sports events, such as Crosul Companiilor, Swimathon, Crosul de Noapte, Walking Month or The Beard Run, we have the support to maintain an active lifestyle and good health.

Alongside our teams, we participate in sports challenges or bootcamps, which not only strengthen our relationships but also give us insights into understanding our bodies and improving our workout programme. Those of us willing to move progressively towards a healthier lifestyle can join our Healthy Habits Club, an initiative meant to boost our ability to integrate one or more healthy habits into our daily routines.

Emotional Wellbeing

We believe that to maintain our overall health, we need to invest in our mental wellbeing just as much as we do in our physical health, social connections or in achieving work-life balance.

Through dedicated workshops with subject matter experts, as well as an ongoing collaboration with certified therapists, we open a conversation around a wide range of topics such as resilience, managing emotions or our energy levels at work, cultivating gratitude in our lives and many more.

By having outcome-driven conversations in a safe environment, we improve our emotional wellbeing and mental health, providing the tools and support needed to see positive outcomes.

Work-life fusion

In very dynamic industries such as IT, the line between our professional and personal lives can quickly become blurred. Having a one-size-fits-one approach gives us the flexibility to define the work-life dynamic that works for us.

Our flexible workspace enables us to work from anywhere we feel the most productive and can have a meaningful impact. We can catch up and bounce ideas with our team in our Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Bucharest or Timisoara offices, focus better on our tasks while working at home, or understand new cultures as digital nomads for up to 90 days per year.

Working from anywhere helps us make the choices that allow us to be successful in our professional lives while still having the energy and time to enjoy our personal lives.

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