We focus on building trust across all of our collaborations, within and outside our teams, which enables us to work with our customers rather than for them; a partnership that leads to better outcomes for our clients and more rewarding careers for our people.

Along with our focus on consistently developing our technical proficiency and market knowledge, this allows us to provide the consultancy, solution development and ongoing support that accelerate our customers’ business evolution.

focus industries

Finance and Banking

Through the right mix of on-site & remote service delivery capabilities and rewarding career opportunities for our people, Accesa engages with companies in non-regulated industries and RaRo with those regulated ones.

Providing the same complete digital evolution services throughout all our collaborations, we harness the full breadth of our capabilities to deliver value for the entire Ratiodata Group and all the people we engage with.

key technologies

  1. Compute Engine, Container Engine, Cloud Functions, Databases, Image Registry, Messaging, Cloud Build
  2. EC2, S3, ECS, EKS, ECR, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Lambda (Typescript), IAM, APIGateway, SQS, PaaS
  3. Functions, Streaming, Mapping, Transformation, Service Bus, Databricks, Datalakes
  4. Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Deep Learning, Image Processing, TensorFlow, PyTorch
  5. Storage, Containers, Web, Mobile, IoT, Serverless, AI
  6. span>.NET Core/Framework, Node.js, Spring Boot
  7. Commerce Cloud, S/4 HANA, SAP Cloud
  8. Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform
  9. Angular, React, Vue.js
  10. Native, Hybrid, PWA
  11. UI Path
  12. WPF, UWP